It’s all in the words

It’s all in the words

I made this film for two reasons: firstly as I find Keaton’s words beautiful – those in ‘You’ are supernal and I wanted to explore them through a different medium. And secondly this film is the beginning stage of creating a larger piece which explores the themes of love found in his work.

We’ve branched out to a number of actors whom we are in awe of and have been humbled to have their support in the project – Derek Jacobi is one of those who agreed to be a part of it.

I find you quickly get absorbed into the nature of the words and music of “You” and found that it reaches out to such breadth that it was important to visualise this, so with zero budget, we turned to archive footage. Exploring obscure memories, experiences and feelings to really get a sense of this stirring work. It was essential to make the most of the imagery and I was very lucky to work alongside Steven Parker at Pindrop who meticulously and subtly designed the sound to give it a real depth that you fall into as a viewer.

Will Williamson – Director


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