We are cleaning up!

We are cleaning up!

Later this summer we will collaborate again with our good friends at Archers Mark on their upcoming feature documentary Next Goal Wins. Directed by Mike Brett & Steve Jamison we follow the American Samoan football team as they embark on a grueling World Cup Qualification campaign.

There is one slight problem though – after suffering a world record 31-0 defeat by Australia in 2001, they are still in search of their first competitive win…… ever!

Shooting documentaries in beautiful islands such as American Samoa can provide obstacles to the location sound team, such as high winds, heavy rain and a chorus of night time cicadas.

Some scenarios can be worked through on set, but when we come across scenes in the offline edit that are troublesome for sound, we take them away to our sound laboratory (it’s not really a laboratory, but it sounds good!) and work on cleaning them up before giving them back to the editor.

This can be anything from reducing background noise to help give the dialogues more clarity or smoothing levels and backgrounds for when we are moving between locations in a single scene. It helps to make more informed choices as to what can stay in the cut, allowing the directors to focus on the picture.

It really gives us a chance to see the project early doors and get fully absorbed into it, and is a great example of why working with us at an early stage can smooth the film making process.

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