Just Inès

Just Inès takes the audience on a deeply personal journey into the life of Tom Jackson.

Tom is perceived as having an ideal life, but behind this façade of perfection, he is living a lie.

When his wife threatens to leave him, Tom cracks, and the consequences are something to be reckoned with. After leaving prison and realising he has lost the life that he knew, Tom is forced to start afresh alone. Self-doubt and loneliness now seem to dominate his days. When PJ enters his life everything seems suddenly brighter as their relationship develops, that is until his beautiful French neighbour Inès appears on the scene. A tender connection develops among them. This quietly mysterious woman intrigues Tom. Through finding out about her life, it puts everything in Tom’s own story into perspective.

There might be damage, but there is always hope.

Working with Marcel Grant once more, we gave this gentle dialogue led drama support with delicate atmospheres which help draw you through the film. The final mix is a delicate balance between these atmospheres, the fantastic score, and the dialogues.

  • Date: October, 2011
  • Services: ADR, Design & Supervision, Editing, Foley, Mixing, Delivery, Drama