I Am Because We Are

In 2008 Richard and Steve worked with Nathan Rissman and Madonna on their heart wrenching documentary.

IAMBECAUSEWEARE is a film that explores the lives of children who have been orphaned by AIDS, and have suffered more than we can possibly imagine.

Set in Malawi, Africa, we follow Madonna as she leads us on a journey through one of the poorest countries on the planet. As we try to discover what is in the heads and hearts of Malawi’s one million plus orphans, we begin to understand that this is not just a story about the orphans of Malawi, rather a story about all of us.

Working closely with Rod Berling (Sound Supervisor), Nathan and Madonna, we helped to build the sound platform so that you could experience the tears, the joy and more importantly the hope for the future generations of Malawi.

  • Date: April, 2008
  • Services: Mixing, Delivery, Documentary