Crime drama set in 60s London, starring Demi Moore and Michael Caine as workers at a large diamond trading company who conspire to steal a handful of diamonds from their employers. Laura Quinn (Moore) and Mr Hobbs (Caine), are at different ends of the company ladder, but with different motives for such an audacious heist!
However, what Laura doesn’t realise, is that the grudge-bearing Hobbs is planning a bigger heist than she imagined, and with sleuth-like insurance agent Finch (Lambert Wilson) hot on their trail, the net is closing fast!

We loved working on this film! Re-creating London in the swinging 60s: when people used to smoke in the office, use type writers and record players, and travel around on the old Routemaster bus… definitely a huge highlight for us!

  • Date: April, 2007
  • Services: Mixing, Drama