A tragedy recreated

A tragedy recreated

“When preparing for A Prayer For Rain, Pindrop was the only sound designers/mixers I had in mind. I knew their capabilities for pushing boundaries of soundscape – bringing every breath, each rasp in the voice to life with meticulous sound design. The team is not afraid to break the rules to serve the story and the director.

Prayer For Rain is based on the the worst industrial disaster in human history, where thousands died in a few short hours. The scope is big as we recreated the noisy Indian town, the monster of the chemical factory in the middle of the town and then the inevitable disaster when the factory leaks and thousands suffered. It was a challenging task for the production to stay authentic to the time and place and portray the human emotions of this calamity.

That’s where Pindrop came in.

Richard and I spent hours discussing the soundscape of the slums and the Carbide Factory. The small 80’s Indian town sounds were recreated faithfully by Richard, Steve and their team both in their East London studio and Mumbai. They gave the Carbide factory a character of it’s own, an ever present threat to Bhopal, by embedding the industrial hum into the town soundscape. As the inevitable disaster looms, the Pindrop team really set to work to make us feel the full impact of the chemical leak as if we were right next to the Carbide factory.

With help from my medical background and insight, the Pindrop team created the authentic wheezing and breathing sounds necessary due to the effects of cyanide on the victims. The audience react with emotions and horror and they respond to these sounds as much as the pictures.

Pindrop handled this international production with deft hands as VO and ADR sessions were spread out in Europe, UK, Indian and the US. Our producers are extremely pleased that within their budget, Pindrop delivered a smashing sound mix that’s really helped to make the film come alive.”

Ravi Kumar – Director – A Prayer For Rain


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